Ally Jo
I've been having my driving lessons with Paul the last few months now and I have just passed my test. He's an amazing driving instructor and would highly recommend him to anyone.
He was so patient and calm with me from the start couldnt thank him enough.
Jilur Rahman
Simon is a fantastic instructor. He gives clear instructions, is very motivating and challenges you to make you and even better driver. I really emjoyed our lessons as he made me feel confident and relaxed while driving. Simon is great to have a chat and a laugh with and I would definately recommend. I wouldnt have passed without him.
Meg Cripps
I recently passed my driving test 1st time with Felicity and I honestly cannot thank her enough.
My weekly lessons were fun and very informative. She also makes it such a calm, relaxing and reliable experience as a whole which was a
mazing for someone who sometimes needs a confidence boost.
I wouldnt have passed without her, so thank you so much. I will miss my lessons!
Hollie Prescott
Paul is amazing!! Patient and calm, so supportive and kind. Today I passed my test first time and I couldn't have done it without him. He was so patient with me especially when I got anxious but he always helped with one of his pep talks. I will always recommend Paul to everyone. I am so grateful .
Thank you Paul for everything I will miss our Sunday lessons.
Jade McDowell
I was very nervous when I started my lessons, however Felicity made me feel at ease with learning to drive. She talks you through everything step by step which makes you feel relaxed. Even on my test day she made me feel less nervous.
Felicity is such a kind person, I will miss my lessons very much and so happy I passed first time.
Harry Doy
Passed 1st time with Paul from Leap. He works so hard to build your confidence and overall skills as a driver. I felt comfortable driving with Paul from day one and I couldn't have asked for a better instructor, thank you so much.
Mike Loveridge
Learning to drive with Paul was a fantstic experience, not only did he make me feel comfortable driving with him by the end of my first lesson, but he also strives to make you into a confident and safe driver. I would highly recommend Paul from
Leap Driving School.

Josh Morgan
Simon is a great driving instructor, he made me feel so relaxed from my first lesson up until test day. I passed my test first time and I could not have asked for anyone better.
One of the greatest driving schools.
I would definitely recommend learning with Simon, thank you so much

Shania Saunders
I have been learning to drive with Nicola and we've had some interesting lessons along the way and I've enjoyed every single one of them. Nicola made me feel at ease during my lessons and she calmly corrected me when I made a mistake. I have thoroughly enjoyed driving with Nicola over the last few months. Thank you
Niamh Brown
Passed my theory and practical tests 1st time with Nicola from LEAP. She made sure I was calm, confident and well informed throughout the entire process. She was aware of my anxiety towards driving and accommodated to it completely and with full support. I couldn't thank her enough for all her support in helping me gain confidence and independence. She will be highly recommended by myself and my sister who also passed 1st time with Nicola! Thank you so much.
Ella Davies Port
I cant thank Felicity enough for helping me learn to drive. I wouldn't ever have managed to pass first time without her. She is very reliable when it comes to having weekly lessons and is also so patient and calm which made learning to drive fun and relaxed. She's helped boost my confidence in driving and always made me feel comfortable.
I would 100% recommend Felicity to anyone who wants to learn to drive,
shes amazing!!
Kat Padfield
Would definitely recommend Nicola as she's calm, friendly and very positive.
She believed in me when I wanted to give up and gave me the confidence
I needed to pass my test, thank you

Dan Akers
I did my driving lessons with Paul. He is an excellent instructor who shows you how to do everything correctly. When you get something wrong he corrects you and explains what you should have done. I wouldnt have passed if it wasnt for Paul, he's an awesome guy 100% recommened him.
Keira Rhodes
I learnt to drive with Felicity from Leap Driving School. I am so thankful for all of the help and support that she has provided, enabling me to pass my driving test first time. Her positive and patient attitude led to me feeling comfortable behind the wheel. She really put in the effort to help me advance by listening to my personal areas of focus and sharing her knowledge, resulting in my confidence being increased. I would certainly recommend Felicity as a driving instructor and cannot thank her enough.
Vicky Dover
I can not thank Nicola enough. She is very friendly and professional, offering all the support and guidance to build upon my own ability and confidence to drive safely. Communication, reliability and punctuality is 100%. I passed my test 1st time and recommend Nicola to anyone wanting to learn to drive.

Lisa-Jo Smith
I would highly recommend Paul as a driving instructor, he's incredibly patient
and very easy to get long with.
I've thoroughly enjoyed learning in this new chapter of mine and would highly recommend him to anyone whether they're experienced or not.

Xavier Ball
I would highly recommend Paul as a driving instructor, very easy to get along with and is incredibly patient. I've thoroughly enjoyed my time learning and would recommend him to anyone wanting to learn to drive, whether they are a complete beginner or just need to touch up on their own skills.

Rachel Orr
I cannot thank and recommend Paul enough. He is such a great driving instructor. He is very patient, calm and easy to get along with. This helped me go from a very nervous driver to a much more confident driver. I would highly recommend Paul and Leap Driving School to anyone learning to drive.

Anna Soderstorm
Learning to drive with Paul was so much fun! He created an environment in which I was comfortable and able to achieve more than I imagined. Not only is Paul a good teacher but a fun one, I never found there were awkward silences but he also knew when I needed some silence to concentrate. I was extremely happy going into my test feeling confident and ready, I ended up passing 1st time!

Felicity is an amazing instructor.
From her calm and patient personality I passed my driving test 1st time!
I highly recommend her. She was always friendly and made me feel relaxed during
my lessons. I cant thank Felicity enough!

Daniel Drew
I think Paul is a great driving instructor. He was calm and collected even in the most difficult of situations. I would recommend Paul to anyone as a driving instructor.

Stephanie Prior
I can’t thank Simon enough for helping me achieve my goal of passing my driving test. Having struggled with confidence Simon really helped to reassure me and give me the boost that I needed. So much patience and excellent at explaining everything clearly. I passed my test 1st time and I couldn’t recommend him highly enough.
Zoe Morton
What a fantastic experience with a fantastic driving instructor who helped me over come my fears and believed in me. Felicity was very helpful, patient and clear with all instructions. She was warm, professional and made my lessons fun and knowledgeable. I passed first time and would highly recommend. Thank you so much x

Jemma Barnard
I couldn’t recommend Leap driving school enough. I’ve recently passed my test with Nicola 1st time and with zero driver faults. This just reflects on how amazing Nicola is.
I throughly enjoyed our lessons xx

Laura Mayne
I passed my driving test 2nd time with Nicola. She’s an amazing driving instructor so calm and reassuring. When I first went with Nicola I wasn’t a very confident driver and she encouraged and helped me gain my confidence which resulted in me passing my test. I would recommend her highly. Will miss our lessons Thankyou so much for getting me through my test.

Nils Luxton
Paul was great. He took me on under difficult circumstances and quickly identified what I needed to get through my test. Friendly and helpful, I’d recommended him to anyone.

Lauren Gough
Simon is an amazing instructor, so calm, reassuring and makes driving lessons fun. Made me feel at ease when driving and has taught me to the best of my ability when starting from knowing nothing, which resulted in me passing 1st time.
Highly recommend Simon. Thank you so much for all that u have taught me,
couldn’t of done it without you!!

Tyler Edmead
Passed with ease, Simon was a brilliant instructor who taught me how to drive to a high standard and safely. His teaching style was clear and suitable for me, I had no trouble in understanding what he was asking me to do at any point. I enjoyed my lessons with Simon as he is a great teacher!

Lauren Warner
I passed my Driving test with Nicola 1st time. She has been an amazing driving instructor!!! Nicola is so calm, patient and really easy to get on with. Nicola has made me feel confident and independent about driving and I will
really miss our lessons together!!

Sophie Clark
I passed first time with Felicity, if you are looking for an instructor who has your best interests at heart she is perfect, I had another instructor who seemed to waste my time and money and I was getting nowhere. Not only is she extremely patient and understanding but she is very good at fitting lessons in, I got my rota weekly making it hard to predict my days off and shifts but Felicity easily worked around this and made sure it was possible to have lessons every week.
Driving was always quite daunting and scary but she made
them seem relaxed and it felt more like you were learning
with a friend or family member and I was confident in
asking her to go over topics or ask questions.

Eleanor Whitfeld
I recently passed my driving test first time with Felicity. I couldn’t have wished for a better driving instructor to learn with. She was very patient and calm. All her time and effort put into my lessons definitely payed off! She always had a smile on her face and explained everything so it was easy to understand and answered any questions.
She is very easy to chat to and makes you feel at ease in the
car and helps build your confidence up.
I would highly recommend Felicity to anyone!

Robert Huxtable
Simon was a very good teacher and easy to talk too. I would have passed first time if I was with leap at the beginning of my learning experience.

Hannah Dew
​​Paul is an extremely good driving instructor, and doesn’t give up on any of his students. I was an extremely nervous driver, and he was patient with me until I became more confident and was able to succeed in driving. I recommend him to everyone who is wanting to learn how to drive, whether you’re confident or nervous, Paul will help you leap into the driving world.

Lizzie Bonsell
Nicola has been the best driving instructor I could have hoped for; always patient, always positive and always supportive. She gets up early and I imagine she stays up late preparing videos of test routes that have helped me enormously. I could not have passed this test without her and cannot thank her enough for
all of her support. Thank you!

Finley &
Connor Archer

​​​​​​​We thoroughly enjoyed our driving lessons with Paul from Leap Driving School. He was very patient and made us feel relaxed, he was very accommodating to our schedules around lessons, supporting us both and enabling us to pass first time. We would highly recommend Paul as an instructor.

Chey Brown
I can’t thank Felicity enough for her time and effort she put into our lessons highly recommend.